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The Joy of Membership Podcast

May 06, 20211 min read

This week’s guest will always hold a very special place in my heart not only because she’s just a true gem of a human being, but also because her organization, The Foot and Nail Institute, was the very first organization to go live on the JourneyCARE platform.

As a nurse, Heather has always had an affection for helping others. She combined her passion for nursing to help the aging population with her 1st company Everyday Divinity by delivering routine foot care services to seniors. Now she is building a community of nurses who help seniors in the same way - by starting and growing their own foot care businesses. Using JourneyCARE, Heather has been able to automate many of the processes that she needs to successfully run her membership and warmly engage those she aims to attract.

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Foot Care + Business Training for Nurses, by a Nurse

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