The Building Blocks for Your Business

Start, Run, and Grow Your Successful Foot Care Business with FNI

The Business of Foot Care

This foundational course, taught by healthcare entrepreneur Heather Wilson, is designed to walk you through the steps needed to establish a successful nursing foot care business.

The course covers:

  • Choosing a business name and what it means for the future of your business
  • How to register your business in compliance with state and federal requirements
  • Set up your accounting and bookkeeping process
  • Liability insurance and legal requirements
  • Evaluate charting options
  • How to define and capture your target markets

When completed, you will possess the knowledge to properly set up your nursing business the right way to reduce your risks and have the assurance that you can focus on your patients.

The Practice of Foot Care

This course provides an educational overview and the technical hands-on expertise required to provide senior foot care in a clinic format.

This course covers:

  • Anatomy of foot, nail, and skin
  • Overview of the specific foot conditions you will see in a typical foot care clinic setting
  • Preparation, set up, and execution of standard foot care clinics
  • Proper disinfection of tools and infection control guidelines
  • Video tutorials of in-clinic patient services demonstrating various cases
  • Case studies beyond common skin and nail conditions

FNI's program will prepare you to provide foot care services for senior patients, regardless of their condition.

The Community of Foot Care

Foot care training and support for your new nursing business should continue beyond the course content.

Our membership program is designed to provide our nurses with an on-going supportive mentorship by providing the following:

  • Monthly educational webinars that include live Q&A sessions
  • Collaboration with other FNI foot care nurses in our exclusive private membership group
  • In-depth, tools-of-the-trade discussions
  • Access to marketing tools, charting templates, and other patient communication pieces

Joining FNI will expedite your learning curve and give you answers to all of your questions.

These answers will not just come from FNI, but other nurses who have walked the path before you.

All-Inclusive Bundle: $1399

The Business of Foot Care Training

The Practice of Foot Care Training

+ FNI Membership

Total Value: $1697

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