Why Foot Care?

(and why is Senior Foot Care an ideal business opportunity for nurses?)

The Senior population is growing.

As we age, we begin to lose mobility and the ability to perform self care tasks like cutting our toenails. When we neglect these tasks, our conditions worsen, which cause unintended consequences. As medical professionals, we continually discuss quality of life options. The inability to cut your own nails should never be a hindrance to enjoying your life – especially in our senior years.

Seniors, and especially diabetics, are more susceptible to infections and therefore have limited routine foot care options. Podiatrists are trained and prefer to perform medical procedures and not routine foot care. This crack in the health system has opened the door for foot care nurses to perform the service.

Data shows that approximately 15% of our population is over 65 years young, and those numbers are growing. That equates to over 45 million seniors who are currently in need of or will need routine foot care services in the US. The demand is there, and most seniors are not aware that there is a nurse provided option available for them. Once they experience the gentle, compassionate service only a nurse can provide; they will demonstrate their appreciation by returning to you on a regular basis.

“The demand for the service and the desire for nurse satisfaction makes this a perfect fit for both patient and nurse.”

Providing foot care for seniors can be a ‘side hustle’ or a ‘whole hustle,’ or it can be incorporated into the facility where you currently work. It is up to you – that is the freedom and flexibility we have built into the FNI program. For nurses who are looking to own your own business, set your own hours and control your income; then we recommend purchasing the bundle of courses, including the annual membership.

Nurse entrepreneurship is on the rise, too - mainly because of nurse burnout.

As nurses, we want better for ourselves, our patients and our families. But how do we get from bedside to business owner? The reality is that it is not difficult when you follow a detailed road map, have confidence in your skills and have a support group of successful nurses cheering your on.

The Foot and Nail Institute’s program is established to support your success. Business knowledge, technical knowledge, step-by-step action plans and a mentorship program to guide you along your way. It is not about where you are today, it is about where you will be tomorrow.

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Nurses possess many qualities required to be successful entrepreneurs.

INSPIRING – nurses are motivated to succeed

INNOVATIVE – nurses think outside the box and innovate better, effective and efficient ways to meet your patient’s needs

PERSUASIVE – nurses are constantly reassuring your patients and convincing physicians, administrators and co-workers to adopt your ideas.

ADAPTABLE – nurse’s day changes constantly and you are prepared to flawlessly adjust to the situation

RISK TAKER – nurses must take risks in your daily work and are not afraid to implement your skills

CRITICAL THINKER – nurses possess sound judgment and exude confidence in your ability

ACCOUNTABILITY – nurses are an effective team player working with family, doctors, facilities and other nurses


These are the same skills required to own and operate a business. FNI’s program will teach you how to use the nursing skills you already posses into becoming the nursing business owner you desire to be.

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