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Tools of the trade that we recommend to our FNI members

FNI E-File Vacuum

A foot care nurse necessity!
Keep your patients and self-safe from breathing in nail and skin dust. This E-file vacuum will decrease the amount of airborne dust that occurs during typical foot care sessions.

The FNI Vacuum must be used with either of the following E-files:

· Kupa Passport KP-60 handpiece

· Medicool Pro Power 20K Plus Debriding Drill

Non-Member Price:

$716.60 (includes tax and shipping)

Member Discount:

$555.35 (includes tax and shipping)

FNI Starter Kit


· Medicool Pro Power 20K E-File

· Medicool Diamond Barrel Large Coarse E12C-P

· Medicool Ceramic Barrel Large Coarse CC144X-P

· Medicool Diamond Pedicure Cone Coarse B2C-CM-P

· Diamond Pedicure Bit Coarse B10C-CM-P

· Diamond Small Taper Burr PSD25-P

· Diamond Pedicure Ball Bit B3-P

· Bianco Nippers Small Item BI-1545

· Bianco Nippers Large Item BI-505

· Spatula Packer Flat Tip Item BI-352

· Spatula Packer Spade Tip Item BI-351

Non-Member Price:
$605.23 (includes tax and shipping)

Member Discount:

$518.10 (includes tax and shipping)

Buff & Go®

  • Look professional on the go with Buff & Go®. This mobile spa kit is a one-time, must-have investment! Since 2011, this kit has delivered for me. It is the most efficient way to transport your tools, it is easy disinfected and serves as a mini office in my it is a daily conversation piece.

Available at

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