2024: The Year of the Dragon

January 04, 20243 min read

As we are in the first month of the new year, it must be noted that this is the Year of the Dragon. 

So, let’s slay that dragon. 

We have so much opportunity to look forward to. If you grumbled at the idea of that last sentence, maybe you are not looking at the full potential. 

If you are not seizing this opportunity, you may be stagnant. Existing in a stagnant environment is not where we were meant to be. I receive so many emails from nurses questioning what’s next for their professional life. They are tired, burned out, and see no changes coming to healthcare. 

January can be a great time of the year for new beginnings as well as a time to reflect on what was. We have to pause throughout our life and question, are we stuck in the patterns of our everyday existence? Pause to reflect on where you have been, where you want to go, and HOW you are going to get there!

A common thread I am seeing in people - yes, I am talking about healthcare workers - is so much hurt, pain, and resentment. Beyond the emails, I am seeing a pattern of contention among the healthcare community. 

The comments and bullying from the keyboard warriors are not just trolling tactics. I have been on the receiving end of it once or twice. I don’t engage or react. This was a hard lesson, but a powerful one to develop. The trolling comments are coming from a place where people feel voiceless and powerless. When we argue and post snide comments, what power are we gaining through those attacks? 

Some of us are barely getting through the shifts, the days, the weeks, but at what cost? Are we simply existing? Do we feel so powerless in our everyday lives that we must take to attacking others? Does the trolling make them feel alive? We know these attacks reflect their feelings towards themselves. 

I have to go beyond that and play devil’s advocate. We know that hurt people hurt others. I can find enough grace for others to not entertain the antics. However, many feel compelled to respond. This can spiral into days/weeks of fighting. This only stresses you out more. It keeps you off your destined path. Are we pushing through the daily tasks, unfulfilled in our careers, and is this causing our resentment towards others? 

We have to get to a place where we heal the hurt. 

Essentially, we have to heal and save ourselves, nurses. This can be done through reflection, spirituality, exercise, meditation, counseling or therapy, self-help books, podcasts, masterclasses, setting boundaries, goal setting, seeking support, and practicing gratitude. Any steps (regardless of how small) will help to improve our emotional growth. This will carry over into our professional growth.   

Let 2024 be the year where we heal the hurt and feel the joy again. Leading with our pain is holding us back from opportunities. 

Slay the dragon, you are worth it!

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Heather Wilson is a former bedside nurse turned nurse entrepreneur. She is the owner of Everyday Divinity, and the Foot and Nail Institute.

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson is a former bedside nurse turned nurse entrepreneur. She is the owner of Everyday Divinity, and the Foot and Nail Institute.

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