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September 30, 20211 min read

In episode #26 Dr.K is joined with Heather Wilson RN,BSN to discuss the importance of foot and nail care.

Heather is a former bedside nurse turned nurse entrepreneur.

In 2000 she began her nursing career working on a vascular thoracic surgical unit. It was there she saw the lack of proper routine foot care services available for our aging population.

Bearing witness to this gap within the healthcare system she set out to create a nursing company that filled this void. For the past 10 years she has been providing seniors the foot care services they deserve through her company Everyday Divinity.

Realizing the need for senior foot care services extended beyond her community combined with the rise of nurse burn out, Heather has recently launched a sister company, The Foot and Nail Institute. An online course teaching nurses how to duplicate her foot care business model so nurses can claim work life balance by becoming a foot care business owner.

Listen the episode here:

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Foot Care + Business Training for Nurses, by a Nurse

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